Best Of Ron Crites CD
This Best Of Ron Crites Cd Is A Selection Of  18 Songs From My Plain Country One Tape, Plain Country Two Tape And Heartworks Tape
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  1. One More Lie From Me Leaving           Writer-Ron Crites
  2. A Habit I Can't Break                            Writer-Tim Davis
  3. Blue Roses                                            Writer-Dennis Adkins
  4. Pretty Pictures In Your Mind                 Writer-Warren Rob
  5. Like A Slow Blues Song                       Writer-Ron Crites
  6.The Billings Special                              Writer-Ron Crites
  7. Walk Softly                                           Writer-Ron Crites
  8. Sunshine Angel                                    Writer Tim Davis
  9. If This House Could Talk                        Writer-Hugh X Lewis
10. Plastic Girl                                            Writer-Kent Finlay
11. I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love Again      Writer-Tim Davis
12. Through All Kinds Of Weather              Writer Ron Crites
13. Little Hearts Can Break Too                  Writer Ron Crites
14. She's Out Of My Bed                             Writer Ron Crites
15. For Eternity I'll Always Love You          Writer Ron Crites 
16. They Shine The Brightest                     Writer Ron Crites 
17. Christ Is Still In Christmas                     Writer Ron Crites
18. Two Wrongs Has Made It Right             Writer Slim Rowsey     
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Click on the songs that are underlined to hear samples of songs 
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